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We are shipping your items internationally.
You can receive your items safely, easily and speedy with insurance

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  Sales & Servicing  
All of our products are Japan version 100 V models.
Those might be models you need any transformers in your country.
Please learn it more while installing them.
We are not responsible for any damages caused by these machines
We advise you should purchase it on your own risk and liability.

As we can not accept your order cancellation after order, please order the
items under the deep consideration.

Loss or damages
Insurance is available in case of loss or damages during transport.

Please keep all of packing materials and document for the event
that your machines have to have any repair service.

All of products we sell have warranty.
But warranty is valid only in Japan.
Standard warranty term is 1 year.
Warranty is valid within 1 year from the invoice date.
( Exception: some HI END audio makers are unvalid exceptionaly.)

Repair service
Unfortunately when your machine does not work well,
anytime send it to us to ask maker repair service.
Shipping cost( round trip) is due to you.

Repair charge is free for 1 year since your purchase.
Service fee is charged since 1 year warranty time has expired.
Extended warranty is not available.

The voltage power trouble:
Voltage is from 100V to 260V.
You should select the suitable transformer for your products.
As you know well, our Japan models are 100V version.
Please select the suitable transformer with care.
Power damage happened by Voltage or Capacity is out of warranty.
All of the voltage power trouble is your responsibility.

  Our transaction fee  
 Our transaction fee is 5% of the item's price.

 Our transaction fee of 50,000 yen or less is 2,000 yen + 5% of the item's price

  Regarding reservation  
 Booking is possible according to your convenience.
 Book money is 20% of the price in the case of over 100,000 Yen.
 Total amount should be payed in the case of under 100,000 Yen.
 We cannot accept your cancelation after your reservation order.

  Shipping company  
(1) EMS, AIR, SAL, Surface ( Japan Post Office)
(2) FedEx

We'll advise you of quotation about your item's freight.

  How to pay  
We have 2 kinds of payment.
We can not accept any credit cards payments directly.
You should pay through Paypal in case of using credit cards.
We'll advise you of our Account Mail Address after your order.

(1)Bank transfer
Bank charge is JPY 5,000

We'll advise you of bank account number after your order.

Payment fee 4% will be added to the total price.

We'll advise you of our Account Number when you order.
You can create account Number when you have no account Number.

  Steps to arrival  

(1) Quotation
Let me quote shipping rate for your order.
I'll advise you of shipping rate.

(2) Precheking:
Please check items bellow before shipment.

(a) Model number
(b) Shipping rate (EMS,SAL,FedEx)
(c) Shipping service fee:
(d) Insurance charges
(e) Banks charge
(f) Paypal transaction fee
(g)Total amount

(3) Advices after shipment
You should have the tracking number from us after shipment.
You can check the location of your items via track & trace systems of EMS,

(4) Customs
When your items pass through customs office of your country, they check your
Whether or not import tax should be imposed depends on each country's
customs law.
We advise you ask customs office of your country how much tax rate is
imposed on it.

(5) Arrival
Please check carefully if your package is in good condition or not, and then
receive it.

About Package Damaged During Transportation
When you doubt your item might have been damaged during transport, do not
receive easily your package.
You should discuss with carrier about the reason why.

The days to arrival
Area /
Sending form
To Asia 3-5days 3-5days
To North America 4-6days 3-5days
To Europe 4-7days 3-6days
To Australia 4-6days 3-6days
To Middle East 5-7days 3-6days
To Africa 4-6days 3-6days
To South America 4-7days 3-6days

Shipping rate
Get Rates
Make use of the Rate Finder to find the shipping rate from Japan to destinations worldwide
Track & Trace
You can track the location of your package by track & trace systems of EMS, FedEx. DHL.
Enter your tracking number.
Other shipping methods
Japan Post Office has 3 kinds of shipping type except EMS on the international mail.
They are Airmail, Economy Air (SAL) and Surface Mail.
But the tracking & trace service system are not enough available for these services
Please select your shipment method carefully.
This is a shipping service by air.
This is faster than 2 other shipping types, and the rate is higher.

Economy Air(SAL)
This is a shipping service that you can utilize both a surface mail and an air mail between
the two countries.
This is faster than surface mail, but the rate is cheaper than airmail.

Surface Mail
This is a shipping service by surface. it takes much more time, and the rate is very cheap.

Rough Guide for Delivery
Airmail 4-6 days
SAL It takes approximately 6 to 13 days for mail to arrive at the destination.
In some cases, it may take longer due to the handling system of the destination country.
Surface Mail 1 to 2 months


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